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I had the opportunity to catch up with educlipper’s founder and CEO, Adam Bellow while attending ISTE 2013 this year and as always it was a pleasure to talk with him. It is interesting to mention that Adam was the first person I interviewed for this site, so I wanted to get an update on how the service has changed since our initial interview back in July 2012.

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educlipper is an amazing curation platform exclusively developed for educators. I think of it as Pinterest for educators minus the spam, with lots of resources housed in a safe and user friendly environment. This FREE service was relaunched this past May and I must say, that Adam and his team knocked it out of the park with this release.

I appreciate that most new features are the result of user feedback which is important when thinking about what educators want. The site got a whole new design that is easier to navigate and very appealing to the eye. If you where to compare it to Pinterest, think clips instead of pins for your curated resources. There is now a toolbar at the top where you can see everything, your stuff, contacts or sort of clips by type. I like that clips now display visual cues for the type of content shared. This was implemented through the use of an icon representing a link, video, picture or a document. I also loved the introduction of a citation tool powered by EasyBib which is great for doing research where content needs to be cited.

Teachers can now create eduClipboards for their classes and these can be shared individually or with a group. You can also now share your clips in all of the social networks, through e-mail or via a URL link. I believe these are valuable additions that without a doubt will help the educlipper community flourish amongst educators. TheseĀ  features are also useful for students looking to create digital portfolios which is a bonus. As a closing note, I recommend you take the time and learn all that educlipper has to offer. This will help you make the most of it while meeting all of your content curation needs.


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